Mike Coeck

Mike Coeck
  • Co-Founder / Managing Director
  • Company: Cybernetic Walrus

I started my career in 1999 working the helpdesk at Cronos for 2 months. I quickly knew I wanted to become an MCSE for Microsoft as I was fascinated by the Windows server OS. Back in those days it was still NT4.0. I continued being fascinated up until Windows 2003 server. Learning about exchange and other products, but my main interest has always been the active directory.

In 2009 is moved away from the deep technical aspect of IT and dabbled into a more commercial role. Starting in Procurement but quickly moving into an account management position.

I used to have best of both worlds and worked as a business developer and solution sales, helping businesses adopt the latest Microsoft technology.

But I always found that something was missing in my life. I have been a game fanatic since I got my first Atari 600 at the age of 8. Programming and playing games… So in 2014 I decided to follow my dreams and get a degree in digital arts and entertainment. I have now graduated with high distinction from DAE and together with 3 fellow students formed Cybernetic Walrus, a Belgian based game studio. We are currently working on Antigraviator, a Game co-invested by VAF (Flemish audiovisual fund).