Videogames in Culture and Culture in Videogames


10:30 AM - 11:00 AM


In less than 30 years, the “video game” media became part of the world culture. In some countries, including France, it is now a “cultural product” recognized in the same way as cinema, literature or music. Even if some people would like to recall that not all video games are cultural. However…
When an French game designer, assisted by an French artist, a French composer and a French programmer decide to make a video game together, they will make a French game, even if it is a car race or an orc hunt! And it is their responsibility to assume and propagate their French culture, which will insinuate itself, in any case, at all stages of their creation.
Like creators in other cultural industries, especially cinema, it is high time that video game authors claim their culture, messages and traces!