The nominees for the international videogame competition and new speakers Written by Thibaut on 12th January 2018

The Indie Garden Assembly announces today the list of the 15 outstanding games selected for the exhibition in Valenciennes’ Serre Numérique next month. The list highlights the most promising games from a short list of international studios handpicked from the 50 submitted indie games. The nominees in the international indie games competition are:

Ana The Game (France)
Antigraviator (Belgium)
Chop (France)
Colorful Darkness (Switzerland)
Dolmen (Brazil)
Gateway (Portugal)
Gladiabots (France)
Hoverloop (Belgium)
Isoland 2 – Ashes of Time (China)
oQo (France)
Pandaro (France)
Past Cure (Germany)
vridniX (France)
Youfight (France)
Youropa (Denmark)


Besides the announcement of the selected games, Indie Garden Assembly also has published additional speakers joining the conference line-up including:
Martyna “Outstar” Zych, Howard Newmark (Iceberg Interactive), Katleen Evers (4Evers Games), Jeroen Janssen (Happy Volcano), Jacek Głowacki (iFun4All), Mylène Lourdel (GoG), Michael Schade (Rockfish Games), Manon Burgel (B2Expand), Marc Kruzik (Dimensional Studio), Elias Farhan (Team KwaKwa), Thierry Platon (Bip Media), Nicolae Berbece (Those Awesome Guys), Samuel Lepoil (Tamanoir), David Rabineau (Nolaroads), Simon-Albert Boudreault (Vignettes), Jerome Dupire (CNAM), Benoît Freslon (Freelance), Benoît “ExServ” Reinier, Alistair Aitcheson (The Incredible Playable Show), Nick Clarckson (Merge Games), Yannick Elahee (Tavrox).

Here are some of the topics our experts will share with the community:

 What should gamedevs learn from publishers?
 Gaming & Blockchain: a digital asset revolution
 VR Storytelling needs AI! What a drama managing IA can for immersive experience.
 Social Media and Influencer Marketing on a Budget
 Making Vignette Games, and How To Design Games Like Paintings
 Videogames in Culture and Culture in Videogames
 Panel: Influencers: Tips & Tricks
 About creative streaming: becoming an influencer yourself
 Context and solutions for game accessibility


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